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Here a short selection of the topics in our first edition Join us at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2022 on a small tour via the fair
Chiappa Firearms Making History The company from Brescia produces both modern handguns and historical replicas on top of the highest craftsmanship.
Davide Pedersoli The famous gunsmiths from Italy presents their highlights at the trade fair The manufacturer bases its production on the historical background and the events of the era in which these weapons were used.
Knives by Böker from Solingen The traditional cutlery with a penchant for the extraordinary The company uses the wreckage of historical weappons of war, such as the battelship Tirpitz, which sank offshore Norway in the Second World War, to make the finest damascus steel blades. These unique pieces make every collector's heart beat faster.
Joh.Springer's Heirs Vienna Hunting weapons manufacturer and auction house K.u.K. Purveyor to the court and chambers since 1836 180 years of gunsmith tradition characterize the history of the company as well as the internationally renowned auctions with exquisite exhibits.
CLASSIC ARMS Our new magazine in German language for historical weapons is adressed to a broad readership such as: gun collectors sports shooters and clubs hunters arms dealer gunsmiths and additional gun specialists the first edition reports, among others, about: The Nuremberg trade fair IWA Outdoor Classics 2022 Böker knives - fine and noble Damascus blades, forged with wreckage parts of the Battleship Tirpitz Chiappa replicas - committed to history Davide Pedersoli presents his highlights at the IWA tradefair Joh.Springer's Heirs Vienna - weapons and auctions Hermann Historica Munich - house of auctions with tradition Triple K USA holsters - a field report You will also learn something about the history of Winchester lever action rifles from the Henry Rifle up to the Model 1892 At the end we show you how to professionally disassemble and reassemble a historic 1873 Winchester Now available Please contact our servicepartner
Now available New release
Wincherster Modell 1892 Lever Action 60th gold dx
Tryon Target Mussleloader Perkussion DeLuxe
Winchester Model 1886 Sporting Lever Action with octagonal barrel
Böker knive Tirpitz with Damascus steel blade