Books Wolfgang Hermann Moissl Hieronymus Brummel and the Journey to the Sun How a Bear came to be in Space A Fantasy-Novel for romantic Readers A journey filled with adventure, action and fun Hieronymus Brummel, the rotund, homely bear, together with his friend the wolf and his two bear children, head off on a hair-raising expedition to the end of the world. On their journey, one adventure follows another. Yet our friends are saved time and again through stealth, courage and imagination. They must solve the puzzle that is the sun. Will it rise again in the morning? Maybe one day it might not return? Where is it when it is night-time? And where is the place that it goes down? Their destiny, and that of some dwarfish mountain spirits too, trapped in an enchanted valley by a hex once cast by a witch, hangs on these very questions. Our heroes adventure-packed journey takes them halfway across the globe and, finally even on a rocket into space. On this journey these comical, yet loveable, characters capture the hearts of the reader. Age: 9 - 99 and more also appropriate for reading aloude Genre: Fantasy and Adventure About the content In a peaceful valley, far away from the rest of the world, the animals of the forest meet for a birthday party at the Brummel bear family. When the sun goes down in the evening, one of the birthday guests asks where the sun might disappear, if it sinks behind the horizon and if it will come again the next morning. This triggers a heated debate about what would happen if the sun did not recover someday. This question wants to and must get to the bottom. The bear Hieronymus Brummel and his friend Hubert the Wolf are chosen to solve this riddle. They should come to the secret of the sun on the track. First, the two get into an enchanted spell forest and get from a strange old owl first clues about the sun. Shortly thereafter, they are dealing with dwarfs who seem to be hostile to them. But soon it turns out that the gnomes can be very helpful to the two friends with regard to the mystery of the sun. But the dwarves also need help, because they live in a haunted valley in which they had been banished many years ago by a wicked sorceress. To release the spell and to be free again, they must also solve the mystery of the sun. But only Hieronymus and the wolf can help them, because the dwarves are bound by the spell of the witch to the valley and therefore unable to start even an expedition to the sun, while Hieronymus and his friend in a mysterious way got the access to the Valley, which has never been done by any stranger before except them. Hieronymus and the wolf has been welcome by the dwarves as guests of honor in a triumphal procession through the romantic dwarf town with its cute half- timbered houses, up to a mighty castle where King Mopf the Mopfing resides as supreme ruler of the dwarven people. From him and his wise magician, the two explorers receive further valuable information on how to discover the secret of the sun. And they get into the possession of an instrument, with the help of which the way to the sun supposedly should be found. A compass. The Dwarfs have been watching the Sun's course for generations and have discovered that it always sets in the West. They assume that one must only march with the help of the compass to the west, thus always in that direction where in the evening the sun touches the horizon of the earth. Then, according to the idea, one would come so close to the sun at the end of the world that one could ask her for her own secret and, above all, whether she would rise again and again for her warming and life-giving at the beginning of the new day to send rays to the earth. So Hieronymus and his friend the wolf embark on the arduous journey to the end of the world, where they believe to find that place where the sun goes down. As the story unfolds, Bine and Butz, the two bear children of Hieronymus, become involved in the story and more or less voluntarily participate in the excursion that will take our protagonists halfway across the globe. From now on, our four heroes experience the most exciting adventures that would go beyond the scope of this short introduction. They travel across the ocean on a steamer as »stowaways« and go overboard, landing on a lonely island like Robinson Crusoe. They fight with pirates and save a family with children from their captivity. In America, they themselves fall into the hands of a dodgy circus director, forcing them to perform in the ring. They meet new friends who help them to rescue and escape. At the end of their journey, they even board a rocket and thus learn the whole truth about our planet Earth and its orbit around the sun. Summary The story is not only exciting, funny and entertaining, but also gives light-footed and playful knowledge of the sun, about their life-giving energy and the way of looking at the world from the mediveal to modern times. In addition, the cliché of a beauty ideal is broken, which is suggested to us by the media and the advertising industry on a daily basis. Hieronymus Brummel and his family are deliberately described as thick, round balls. And yet they are not only agile, but above all sympathetic and lovable characters who will conquer the hearts of readers by storm.
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Product details First edition Mai 2021 Language: English Paperback 328 Pages ISBN 978-3-9817668-4-4 Dimensions: 13.97 x 2.11 x 21.59 cm Translation: Lisa Rodgers Edinburgh Scottland 22,50 $